Are your contract pilots properly insured?

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Do your contract pilots just “jump in and go” when you call them? Sure it’s ok, right? But are they properly insured for on-the-job injuries?

At ReserveCrews we’ll never put an uninsured pilot in your cockpit. Every crewmember booked through us is covered by workmen’s compensation insurance. It’s required by law in all 50 states.

Imagine your moon-lighting pilot trips and falls down the aircraft stairs carrying the catering dishes. He blows out his knee and is out for 8 weeks for surgery/rehab. Who’s going to cover the medical bills? Medical insurance companies don’t cover on-the-job injuries, they kick it to the employer’s workmen’s comp policy. Your pilot carries their own policy, correct?

For the IC pilot without coverage, there’s 2 choices:

  • Eat the bills and pay up, OR
  • Sue the aircraft operator for coverage, often up to policy limits of $1M.

What do you think Joe Pilot will choose? Don’t take unnecesary risks, Reserve your Crew today!